Spa De La Mare: Swim Spa – Cleopatra II SE

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The baby of the brigade, the Cleopatra II SE is a cosy little number but enjoys the same opulence as its big sisters.

Perfect for smaller gardens or conservatories. The Cleopatra II SE is the most affordable, usable and efficient swimming machine around. Whatever time of year, enjoy the benefits of a unique hydrotherapy massager at one end of the pool with an invigorating set of controllable swimming jets at the other.

Size range : 4-8 metres long, 2.5 metres wide, 1.45 metres deep. Speckled area indicates polyurethane lining.

Fully tiled in Emaux de Briare porcelain tiles
3 x 180gpm swim jets with air and water flow control
2 x 30gpm front access skimmers
16 x 12 gpm hydrotherapy jet with air and water control spa end (water control valve fitted)
18 x 15 gpm hydrotherapy jet with air and water control spa end (water control valve fitted)
8 x Air induced massage jets
1 x multi-coloured or white underwater light
Stainless steel Swim jet rail
All fittings finished in stainless steel
Water tested
Floating thermal heat retention cover
All return and suction flow rates are designed to meet all safety requirements

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