Vita Spa: 500 – Salon

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If you’re looking for a spa with 2 loungers plus 3 extra seats for family and friends then the Salon is for you.

Large, Spacious, Powerful and above all comfortable is the best way to describe the Salon Spa from Vita. If It’s Hydrotherapy you’re looking for then the Salon has 64 well positioned jets, powered by 3 pumps to easy away all your aches and pains. The 2 large loungers are complimented by three further well moulded seats. The Steel Framed construction and a sealed pan base give’s this Spa extra Strength and Durability while the MP3 Music System with Sub-Woofer, 11 Underwater LED lights, top mounted LED Coasters, LED pillows and LED back lit Fountains are fitted as standard. Vita Construction: We start with our Thermal sock base, PermaShield™. Designed to insulate the base against loss of heat, the base doubles up to protect your Spa from unwanted visitors, such as insects & mice who would otherwise move in to new central heated accommodation. Our ranges of Spas are finished with Excel-X™ maintenance free wood effect cabinet. Available in 3 attractive options, Modern Mocha, Pecan Ridge or Resort Grey, Excel-X was designed to blend into any Home or Garden.

Size: 234 x 234 x 96.5cm
Seating: 5
Number of Jets: 62
Shape: Square
Electrical: 230V 32A
Filtration: 2 filters
Water Capacity: 1893 litres
Weight (dry/full): 327/2219 kg

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