The H.O.T Seat is identified as the highest volume therapy seat location(s) in each Hot Tub model. H.O.T Zones are targeted arrays of HK40 jets (40 Gallons Per Minute) and the Geyser High Volume jet locations for superior massage action = High Output Therapy (HOT Zones) THE ULTIMATE HOT TUB EXPERIENCE!

The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience incorporates entertainment and experiences for all of the senses… including your Audio and Video Entertainment, Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy and much more. The Adagio Audio options comes with FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. An optional RF remote control allows you to manage your personal play list and audio an Audio expansion port upgrade can also provide connectivity for MP3 device.


High Output Therapy with your Marquis Hot Tub is unique in how Marquis carefully plan the Laminar Flow of water from the pumps. It is channeled by the 3-2-1 Zone control valves (which you can use to customise flow in specific areas) through hi0flow tubing and out priority Hydrokinetic (HK JETS) Jets. Marquis hot Tubs carefully hydro-engineer how the Gallons-Per-Minute flow available will provide the best massage benefit to each seat. We move higher volumes of water (high flow) through our system design to more effectively massage muscle mass and deep tissue without the force used by many other brands which is high pressure that irritate the skin surface. In various models you will find additional Shoulder, Lumbar, Foot and Therapy Pillar H.O.T Zones to give you the industry’s best targeted control system for Hydrotherapy to specific areas of the body that need more therapeutic massage. Marquis truly is The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience when it comes to Therapy


speakerConstellation is an upgrade that will take you to the stars and beyond! LED points of light encircle the hot tub below the water line and highlight the exterior in all directions. Constellation gives you the ability to set your lighting at your favourite colour or cycle through varying colours and transitions to entertain and relax you at the same time. Sights, smells, sounds and sensations: Marquis embraces all of your senses to give you The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience. LET’S CLEAR THE AIR ABOUT CLEAN WATER!

You will probably hear somebody claim to have a ‘chemical free’ Hot Tub…or how salt water systems are a chemical free way to use a hot tub. The truth remains that every few years somebody new introduces another Salt or UV system that doesn’t ‘need’ sanitizers… another innovation that replaces the concepts that have protected people and their Hot Tubs for decades. Then a few years later these systems go away because they destroy the spa’s operating equipment or fail to properly sanitize the water. Marquis constantly test all new innovations for potential use in our Hot Tubs…and we still only recommend what we know is the safest and cleanest concept for our customers and their Hot Tubs. Our water care management system still provide “The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!”