Cascade Waterfall Exclusive to Bimini
The soothing effects of flowing water, it’s sound and feeling are well known and this cascade waterfall provides the perfect in spa accompaniment.

Listen to the soothing sound of falling water while you relax with a powerful massage. The 20-inch Cascade water feature is available exclusively on the Bimini in the Island Class and adds a beautiful, soothing touch to your spa.

The LED lighting creates a stunning “curtain of light” as the water cascades into the spa. This waterfall, which has adjustable water control, flows over and down the filter area.

*Other Island models have a the Tranquility Waterfall design.

Seating Capacity 9
Size 91″ x 132″ x 36″ 231 x 335 x 91cm
Dry Weight 1,200 lbs 544 kg
Filled Weight 6,035 lbs 2,737 kg
Water Capacity 580 gl 2,196 lt
Jets 72 75 Rowing 52 55 Rowing
Pump 1 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd
Pump 2 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd 6 bhp 1 spd
Pump 3 4.8 bhp 1 spd N/A N/A N/A