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Taking care of your hot tub has never been easier! Alongside the wide range of cleaning products available to help enhance the cleanliness of your hot tub, Marquis has its own cleaning systems such as the In-Line Sanitation System. Marquis’ In-line Sanitation System uses natural minerals and bromine to treat your water so it’s safe and clean. The self-contained cartridges are easy to load – just set the distribution amounts and you’re ready to relax – like cruise control for your hot tub!

Aquasparkle Cleaning Products – We stock a full range of the amazing Aquasparkle cleaning products. These hot tub cleaning products & chemicals are designed to clean your spa with only the best possible results. These easy to use products will ensure your hot tub stays clean for years to come. For more information on the Aquasparkle cleaning products please contact us.

Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals – We stock a range of Spazazz aromatherapy crystals will enhance your experience in your hot tub! Not only do they increase skin hydration the long lasting scent soothe your senses.


To make cleaning your filters even easier, always have a set of spare filter cartridges on hand. You can use a bucket to soak your dirty filters in Filter Cleaner solution. We stock a wide range of Marquis and Artesian filters.


Repairs and Parts

Our dedicated team of experts are fully experienced and equipt to diagnose and repair your hot tub troubles. All the parts are stocked at 2 major warehouses in the UK so our turnaround time to respond and replace parts is second to none.

Annual Hot Tub Service

We offer an 21- point annual hot tub service which includes , valve function, spa operation, deep cleaning and replacement of heater seals. This provides our customers with a piece of mind and also helps identify any potential long term issues that can be diagnosed and rectified in order to prevent a major failure.


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